Wrist Straps

If neck straps aren't your thing, simply tie around your phone or point-and-shoot camera to your wrist! Get ahead of that nasty drop and look good while doing so.

Learn More About Wrist Straps

Smartphone straps are a fantastic idea if you are a creator who loves to often take photos with your phone. Even if you have the cheapest phone available, you're capturing memories and moments worth preserving.

It allows you to be your most creative self, whether you're capturing priceless moments, catching up on emails on the go, or sharing your experience. To get the smoothest footage from your phone, you'll need a steady grip on your best camera.

During these trying times, cell phones keep us secure and connected with each other and the rest of the world. Our healthcare superheroes have expressed their concerns with us, which has pushed us to create a phone grip accessory that is super easy to clean and sanitize.

Fortunately, the majority of mobile phone straps are pretty affordable and you will find plenty of options on Moment. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a successful accident protection system. Here we have an awesome selection of the best mobile wrist strap models currently available.

What are Wrist Straps and How Do They Work?

To stop you from losing or breaking your phone, we are offering the cheapest and most safe system available. Our commitment with you is to offer the best physical phone and gear protection and we agree that people should not be concerned about losing or damaging their phones when photographing, filming, traveling, or participating in their favorite activities. Every day, we reaffirm our commitment to providing products that allow people to live active, fear-free creative, and joyful lives. Moment is all about keeping you in control of your phone while still keeping you linked to today's relationships, news, and events. People are connected to their phones so they can keep in contact and catch life's moments without fear of loss or harm. We accomplish this with a protective, durable, and stylish wrist strap that is both powerfully strong and comfortable.

Whether you’re working, playing outdoors, browsing at home, Face-timing, or capturing precious family and friends moments, Moment accessories allow you to hold and wear your smartphone the way you need it, when you want it, stylishly and comfortably, therefore improving your day-to-day mobile experience. With that being said, a Wrist Strap is a must-have accessory compatible with any smartphone case - finally, a phone leash that fits your lifestyle!

Now... let's dive into Wrist Straps, shall we?

Features to Look For in a Wrist Strap

Maximum Protection

This clever Wrist Strap helps protect your phone against unexpected drops and falls. Thread the strap through your belt loop or keep it hung from your wrist and never worry about dropping your phone again.

Durable Design

This Wrist Strap has been designed with durability in mind and is engineered to stand the test of time, weathering tough conditions with ease.

Adjustable Strap

Moment has fully adjustable wrist strap models which ensures that one size fits all. Simply put your arm through the strap and tighten it securely around your wrist.

Distinct and Stylish Wrist Strap Designs

We know that aesthetic is as important as functionality, which is why our Wrist Strap comes in a choice of four color combinations. This gives you the freedom to match your Wrist Strap to your style, making your tech as individual as you are.


Is it worth it buying a Wrist Strap?

We've spent the last few years investigating and designing the best phone accessories to help you get the most out of your mobile device. Via a finger-supported Phone Strap mounted inside your phone case device, this special phone grip attachment helps you to easily access and manipulate your mobile in a number of ways, conveniently and elegantly with one hand. It will improve your everyday mobile experience by providing a safe and comfortable grip on your handset.

A Wrist Strap is simple but extremely effective — Our wrist straps offer a comfortable and secure grip that is both sturdy and dependable. The best part is that it works with every smartphone and your favorite protective case! This latest silicone version of our most common phone strap is both stretchy and flexible, allowing for a more secure fit around your fingers.

How much does a Wrist Strap cost?

Moment offers Nylon Phone Wrist Strap starting at $19, which is made with military-grade nylon, our wrist strap will keep your Moment Case accessible, secure, and fashionable. The strap is universally sized to fit most wrists and works perfectly when paired with the Moment Case or any other camera or gimbal of your choice.

Quality and value are features we strive for, day in and day out, we are committed to always going beyond the price

Available in different colors and materials, your wrist strap makes it effortless to harmonize your looks, in a practical and comfortable fashion. Check out our Best-Sellers:

Can I use a Wrist Strap with any case?

Moment Wrist Straps are Designed for Compatibility. Our Wrist Strap has been designed to work perfectly with our newest MagSafe iPhone Cases, Samsung, and more models along with our AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, as a useful addition to your favorite Moment creative products.

Standard phone cases, wireless chargers, cable chargers, camera lens add-ons, running armbands, car mounts, locking clamps, magnetic accessories, and Apple MagSafe® accessories such as charger and wallet are all compatible with our phone straps.

Say bye, bye to hand cramps and drops! From now on, they will be a relic of the past! Wrist Straps are your best option, which a few dollars invested with us now will save you hundreds of dollars in phone repairs and irreplaceable data loss down the line, as well as relieve you of needless pressure in the interim.

Choosing the Best Wrist Straps 👌🏻

If you need help deciding which wrist strap is best to protect your smartphone, camera, AirPods Pro, and gear, contact one of our Gear Guides. We’ll match you to the right guide based on your experience and style, and help to find the right wrist strap for you.