Apple Watch Straps

Keep your Apple Watch looking stylish and secure with our selection of Apple Watch Straps. Moment carries straps made of carbon fiber, leather, stainless steel, and more, so you can match your Apple Watch to any occasion.

Learn More About Apple Watch Straps

What used to feel like just fashion statements, Apple Watches have become legitimate companions that assist wearers with anything from GPS tracking, ECG readings, aids for those suffering from disabilities, and far more.

All that functionality aside, we still like to look good wearing our wristwatches. Luckily Moment carries Apple Watch straps that offer the best of both worlds - Fashion & Functionality.

If you’re a digital nomad, on the prowl for a strap tough enough to sojourn with you, or a connoisseur of designer Apple Watch bands looking to add to your collection, you’re in good hands.

Learn what to look for when purchasing an Apple Watch strap and shop for the perfect one here.

Picking Smart Watch Bands

Wearable tech is all the rage. With so many brands, designs, finishes, and labels, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce, so we’ll set you straight on what to look for when choosing the best Apple Watch bands for women and men -- just as we do when it comes to your camera & other straps.

We know Moment customers are constantly on the move, facing situations that call for rugged, durable products. Whether you’re diving into the ocean after finishing your beach photoshoot or getting poked and jabbed by foliage while on a hike through thick woods (or accidentally getting your hand stuck in the claw machine -- again), you need a watch strap that can handle a little abuse.

Keeping that in mind, together with our refined taste in design & obsession with helping protect your expensive tech, there are two types of materials in particular that we recommend when considering buying a new Apple Watch strap. The first is leather, and the second is stainless steel. Both tried and tested materials are distinguished for their quality, durability, elegance, and customization.

Leather is timeless. Products made out of leather have been seen as symbols of status through some periods in history, with leather watch straps gaining popularity by the well-known watchmaker Rolex.

However, besides the superficial, leather is renowned for its long-lasting strength, flexibility, and occasionally even appreciated for its smell (it’s true).

The history of using leather, for watch straps specifically, is somewhat fuzzy, but it's said to have started back in the 1800s during wartime. Apparently, soldiers figured out how to strap their pocket watches to their wrists using leather wraps. Here at Moment, we love the reliability, trendiness, and aesthetics of leather, so most of the series of Apple Watch straps we sell in our shop are of the same material.

Stainless steel is the other build material we swear by. In a way, steel is the opposite of leather, but it shares a similarity in its ability to tank heavy wear and tear. Stainless steel can survive bumps and falls that would otherwise shatter (or at least scratch) other types of build material.

Bottom line? As long as you make sure you’re buying a strap that fits your wrist and is compatible with your series of Apple Watch, the quality of the band's material is the most vital characteristic. We ship Leather and Steel here at Moment.

Now that you know what to look for let’s see some of the world-class bands we sell here in our shop.

The Apple Watch Strap Choices of Champions

We don’t sell any series of Louis Vuitton Apple Watch Band or Gucci Apple Watch Band at Moment. Because although we’re sticklers for design and quality, we’re first and foremost a brand for creatives, by creatives. Here, we champion Nomad branded bands.

They look elegant on your wrist but are designed for daily use.

Nomad Traditional Watch Band Series

Our first recommendation is the Nomad Traditional Strap series. Made from Horween leather and minimally treated & tanned from one of the country’s oldest tanneries, the Traditional Strap features a beeswax linen thread with stainless steel lugs and buckle. The look and feel of this strap are just as the name implies-- traditional, giving you a classic or vintage appearance, yet still very stylish. Get it in black to add to the luxurious vibes this watch already puts out.

Nomad Modern Watch Band Series

We sell two more leather options from Nomad. First is the Modern Strap, similar to the traditional in build quality, but with a contemporary twist. It’s sleeker with a more sporty feel, but not immature. Like the Traditional, the Modern strap comes in two different colors -- black and rustic brown.

Then there’s the Modern Slim Strap, the former’s thinner counterpart. The Modern Slim Strap is finished with our custom-designed hardware made from polished 316 stainless steel. Get this strap in black or a calming natural leather color.

Nomad Steel Band Series

The Steel Band from Nomad is a beautiful product that combines a strong, scratch-resistant build with a mature style. Though it looks like something from the catalog of luxury brands previously mentioned, the Steel Band is designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Get this band in either black or classic silver.

All the watch straps recommended here are USA-made, come in a variety of sizes, and are compatible with the Apple Watch SE, 6, and all previous versions. We have a simple yet tasteful lineup of watch bands here that fit anyone of any age, making them superior gift options. With that in mind, let’s review some of your FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Apple Watch strap is best?

The best Apple Watch strap is built to last and keep your expensive timepiece securely in place. We recommend leather or stainless steel options from Nomad since those are proven materials meant to survive usage that other watch bands simply can’t. The rest is up to your unique style.

Are fake Apple Watch bands good?

We don’t recommend relying on anything fake to keep your Apple Watch secure. That’s why here at Moment, we sell Nomad branded bands made of genuine leather and real stainless steel. Collectors will notice the difference by their keen eyes, adventurers will by their incredible durability.

Can you replace the strap on Apple Watch?

Yes. In fact, Apple makes it very easy to replace your strap with its slide and lock functionality. Although, if you purchase one of Moment’s high-quality Apple Watch straps, you’ll find that you won’t need to do much replacing (unless, of course, you want to change up your look every once in a while).

How much do Apple Watch bands cost?

Apple Watch bands costs vary. You can buy super cheap ones for a few bucks or extremely luxurious ones for thousands. Here at Moment, you can find deals and low prices on straps that appear like the latter. Check them out!

Wrap Up

As wearable technology creeps its way into our everyday lives, we might find ourselves sporting a wristwatch more often than we carry our phones around. These days you never know! But one thing we do know is that the bands you find at Moment CAN be to be used and abused daily. If you’re still having trouble deciding between a couple of our awesome watch straps (we know it can be a life-altering decision), connect with a Gear Guide to make the shopping process as easy as snapping on an Apple Watch strap.