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A great camera strap can last a lifetime. Never drop your device again using high-quality Neck Straps, Wrist Straps, and Camera Slings perfect for your DSLR or phone!

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Generic camera straps aren’t good enough for digital nomads who are climbing high peaks, trekking uncharted territories, wandering miles without sleep in search of perfect shots, or just spending more time with a camera strapped around them than their seatbelts.

As a matter of fact, the amount of time a photographer or their camera lasts in the trenches may very well be attributed to, or blamed on, the type of strap they are using.

If you’re a serious filmmaker who spends hours at a time with your DSLR or cine camera hanging off your shoulder or just an average iPhone photographer who needs something secure and durable to take while traveling, we’ve got you covered. Trust.

Bottom line? You need a strap that is rugged and comfortable enough to go wherever you do, as often as you do, without worrying about it giving out.

Learn about our different straps & how to choose the best one for your needs, no matter your taste, budget, or current skill level in photography and filmmaking.

Camera Strap Types: From Wrist to Harness

Moment sells different straps and strap-like gear, such as harnesses and camera gloves, to make it as easy as possible for photographers to lug around equipment and take their best shots regardless of weather conditions. We’ll cover most of these here and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before making any purchases.

Let’s start with standard neck straps. A crucial yet overlooked piece of equipment that keeps your camera safe, secure, and stable while you’re doing anything except for holding your camera (of course, you can take pics with the strap on too). These are pretty common on bigger cameras, and they hang around (you guessed it) your neck -- like a rapper chain if that helps sell you.

Next are wrist straps. Becoming more popular as smartphone photography does, the wrist strap secures your camera around (you guessed it again) your wrist. These straps are usually thinner and have a clutch purse vibe to them. The handgrip camera is another one, similar to a wrist strap, but on steroids, that holds your big camera to your wrist/hand in a similar way that a baseball mitt would. We don’t carry these in our inventory because Moment customers are rated the least butterfingers of all camera users.

Last are the harnesses. These are where ultimate security meets total freedom of hands. Harnesses can handle more weight, are the most secure, and are perfect for photography sessions that drag on all day (like wedding photographers' gigs tend to). They fit around your body like a shoulder holster -- if that also helps sell you.

Now that you have a good idea of what we’ve got, let’s show you how to choose the best camera strap.

Choosing a Top-Notch Camera Strap

Like choosing a camera, there are criteria to look for when selecting a strap. The main things to keep in mind are how it attaches to your specific camera, how it’ll fit you/its adjustability (if you aren’t comfortable, then there’s no point), and, of course, how it's built -- including material, durability, and again comfort.

Connectors. This may come as a shock, but not all camera straps will fit all cameras and vice versa. One example of this is your camera’s connecting points. Find its connecting points and make sure it matches the strap you’re looking into purchasing or you’re not getting very far. There are different types of connectors as well as the number of points, but you get the picture.

Fitting/Adjustability. This depends on the type of strap you want -- neck, wrist, or harness -- but from there, it’s a personal preference on where you want your camera to sit. Your best bet is to buy an adjustable strap so that you can modify it as you like.

We have a “cheat code” to find the perfect size, but you’ll have to read on to find out what it is.

Build. When choosing a strap, the material it’s made of will determine factors like how long the strap lasts, whether it’ll change colors on you, how comfortable it is, even how it starts to smell after a while. We love leather (and vegan leather) camera strap models here at Moment because of their build quality.

For a fully detailed breakdown of the different straps and how to select the perfect match for yourself, check out our How to Find The Right Camera Strap guide (hint hint: this is where you’ll find our sizing hack mentioned above).

Bottom line? Selecting a strap isn’t like flipping a coin. It takes real consideration. But we make the process simple for you.

Top Camera Strap Picks for You

All that being said, we do have a few fan-favorite camera straps we’d love to share with you. Field-tested by professionals. Here we go.

On top of making it to Moment creator’s recommended list, the Ona Presidio Crossbody Strap was named the best camera strap by Wirecutter. This is beautiful and ruggedly designed with Neoprene padding that will last as long as you do. It’s adjustable and supports a load of six pounds -- perfect for holding your DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, or other camera bodies. People are in love with this strap.

Another recommendation is the Lone Bandit Crossbody Harness Strap by Rose Anvil. This harness, cut from a seamless piece of leather, keeps your camera secure while distributing the weight comfortably for you. It’s made right here in the USA and includes a snap shackle with hip anchors, camera D ring screws, and nylon safety straps. It’s a total beast.

One last camera strap we want to shout out to is the Cuff Wrist Strap by Peak Design. Engineered to hold 200 pounds, meaning your wrist and phone aren’t going anywhere.

Best part? The Cuff Wrist Strap supports binoculars, rangefinders, AND GoPros. So many use cases, so little time.

These are just a few of the over 100 strap products we sell at great deals. To get even more tailored recommendations, see Camera Straps Creators Recommend, where you’ll be all but guaranteed to fall in love with at least a couple of them. Yet the guide is to the point enough to have you choosing one.

Other Items We Want to Shout out

Moment carries every sort of strap that you need. So naturally, that includes Apple Watch bands. We carry the best, most elegant, and most durable Apple Watch straps from adventurer’s top brands like Nomad. Check ‘em out. See our AirPods cases while we're talking about Apple.

And just like we acknowledged at the tippy top of our piece, we know that creatives are constantly on Go, so we help you stay prepared to capture picture-perfect moments no matter the weather -- including ice-cold snow. See our selection of Vallerret Camera Gloves, stylish while allowing you to shoot without risking frostbite. You’re welcome, guys.

We covered a lot of ground here and answered a ton of questions you probably didn’t even know you had, but let’s make sure we answer your most common questions as well. See our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose a camera strap?

Choosing a camera strap can be tricky but, we’ve made it as easy as possible by narrowing it down to only the best-in-class. Ultimately, it comes down to needs and preferences. If you’re lugging around a heavy camera, like a DSLR, then you may want to go with a neck or shoulder strap like the Ona Presidio Crossbody Strap. If you’re lugging around a heavy camera and you have a long shoot, we recommend a harness like the Lone Bandit Crossbody Harness Strap by Rose Anvil. Stylish and distributes your camera's weight in a way that makes for all-day carry and comfort and helps you avoid neck pain.

What is a camera strap called?

A camera strap can be called a sling or carrier. But for the most part, they’re just identified by the type of straps such as neck strap, shoulder strap, wrist strap, and harness.

How long should a camera strap be?

The length of your camera strap is mostly a choice of preference. But here’s a hack: Take some string, put it around yourself, and measure it to about where you want it. Then take scissors and cut it where you want the length to end. In the above guide to choosing the best camera strap for your needs, we provided a link to this secret hack for sizing, but we decided to tell you in the FAQ here because we’re so kind, and you are too. Full disclosure, it’s in our nature to guide photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives to be the best they can be.

Wrap Up

At Moment, we understand our creative customers in a way no other community does. That’s why we hand-pick the camera gear we sell based on the real needs of photographers in the field, or city, or mountains. It doesn’t make a difference. You’re always on Go, and so are we.

We hope we made finding the perfect camera straps to take along on your adventures a pleasant and stress-free experience. If you still need help with anything at all, reach out to one of our helpful Gear Guides -- they’re creators just like you who’ve tested our entire catalog and know what works, when, where, and for whom. Go ahead, reach out at Happy shopping!