Why Join?

Moment Squad is a community of creatives who love to share recommendations with friends. From the gear you use to the tips you're learning to the places you're visiting. The #momentsquad is our way of rewarding you for helping your friends. 

The community benefits are long...

  • Join a private slack channel with hundreds of fellow creatives. 
  • Heads up before we announce new brands, gear, or sales.
  • Access to purchase new gear before everyone else.
  • Assets to share Moment with your audience.
  • Swag, whenever it finally comes.
  • A monthly video call to learn from one of our guides.
  • A monthly, what’s-up email from the team.
  • #momentsquad in your IG handle.

The financial benefits are also sweet...

  • Get $10 off your next order over $100. 
  • Earn cash, paid directly to your bank account or paypal (you choose).
  • Earn 6% - 15% on gear (yes every brand we sell).
  • Earn 10% on lessons.
  • Earn $100 on trips

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Recommend Your Favorites

You get credit for recommending ANY of the brands we sell, the lessons we host, or the trips we run. We’re talking over 40+ top-rated brands and 15+ of our favorite creators. Think of it as joining one super community!

Brands We Sell

Creators We Work With

Alex Strohl — 2m followers

Natasha Wilson — 84.6k followers

Samuel Elkins — 725k followers

Tom Kahler — 92.1k followers

Lily Rose — 286k followers

Jesse Driftwood — 159k followers

Tyson Wheatley — 609k followers

Sonora MindWerl — 82.4k followers

Andy To — 166k followers

Finn Beales — 590k followers

Colin Delehanty — 34.2k followers

Chris Poplawski — 154k followers

Belén Castelló — 41.3k followers

Meagan Bourne — 46.4k followers

Andrew Kearns — 443k followers

Joel Hyppönen — 45.7k followers

Forrest Mankins — 386k followers

Tristan Bogaard — 44.1k followers

The Rules

Yep, we have some basic rules. This club is for customers who are recommending the shop to their direct friends and followers. If you are looking for an affiliate program that is easy to trick, this isn’t one of them.

  • You’re nice and contribute to the community.
  • This is your personal account.
  • You bought something from the shop.
  • You are sharing directly to your audience through posts we can see.
  • You are not spamming forums, YouTube comments with that “here’s my link” stuff.
  • You are not passing traffic through an unknown, masked, or forwarding url.
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We got you. There’s always a few people with specific questions not answered in marketing content. These are the top questions we get, but if you have something we missed email us at hello@shopmoment.com.

Q: Do I have to apply?

A: There is a sign up form, but no official application. We are looking to build a passionate community of creatives who want to help one another. Whether it's chatting gear or editing tips, this is a community you can count on.

Q: What payout options are available?

A: Payout can be done via PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer. Your choice. 

Q: When am I paid for my commissions on gear / lessons?

A: Tracked actions are locked after 30 day(s), then invoiced on the 18th of the month after they lock. Approved transactions are paid 30 day(s) after the date they are invoiced. Long story short, about 60 days after the sale. 

Q: When am I paid for my commissions on travel?

A: The same process happens as with gear and lessons, expect we hold payment until the trip is within 90 days of running. Customers can cancel for a full refund if the trip is at least 90 days out so we don't pay any commissions unless the customer has fully committed to the trip. 

Q: Is there a minimum payout threshold?

A: There is a $50 USD minimum payout threshold.

Sign Up

Click that big shiny button and fill out the form. All of your information is confidential and you can bail at any time. Let us know if you have any questions.

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