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Never before have so many people had the tools to make their creative dreams a reality. The creator economy is booming, and we’re on a mission to help it go even faster and make it even more accessible.

We're always looking for people who are passionate about enabling creators, serving customers, and supporting their fellow teammates. Built around an ownership culture, Moment is a place you can have a meaningful impact on a daily basis.

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Available Positions:

Category Manager - Creator Goods

Moment is building the largest, most trusted marketplace for creators. Beyond the place creators buy their gear, we’re enabling creators to build their business on Moment with their own storefronts. Selling courses, experiences, books, prints, presets, used gear, etc…we’re helping creators grow their business with less effort.

Having pioneered creator storefronts in 2021, we’re looking for a category manager who can take our seller business to the next level. This role is broad in that creators can sell a wide variety of goods, but narrowly focused on helping creators to be successful as sellers.

This role has three important aspects. First, you’re building long term relationships with creators, creating an active community of sellers. Second you’re collaborating with creators, helping them successfully concept, launch, and market new offerings on the marketplace. Third, you’re collaborating with our Growth and Content teams to curate the best creator goods for our audience of 2M people.

If you are an analytical person passionate about empowering creators to grow their business…then this role is for you.

What you’ll be working on:

  • Building an avid community of creators who are selling on Moment.

  • Curating the best assortment of creator goods - courses, experiences, and presets to start. Adding books, prints, and used gear next.

  • Discovering, connecting with, and helping new creators to launch on the marketplace.

  • Collaborating and helping our existing sellers to grow their business.

  • Using SEO, search, and sales data to discover new category opportunities.

  • Helping creators list new items, building out great product pages.

  • Defining and publishing reports sellers can use to gain valuable insights.

  • Brainstorming marketing ideas to help creators grow.

  • Working with our platform team to define new site features we need.

  • Curating category landing pages, improving shop filters, and featuring key offerings.

  • Owning the coordination between creators and the rest of the Moment team.

  • Managing sales, promotions, and holiday programs.

  • Collaborating with our Growth and Content teams to market creators and their goods.

  • Working with our merchandising team to ensure product pages are dialed in.

You need these qualifications:

  • An active member of the creator community.

  • 1+ years working directly with creators.

  • Ideally 1+ years experience with SEO, SEM, or web analytics.

  • Highly analytical, you can forecast future demand in excel.

  • A big plus if you have made and sold your own goods before.

  • Direct experience merchandising, curating, or being a buyer is appreciated.

  • Collaborative with growth and content teams for generating ideas.

  • Familiar with content management systems is helpful.

  • Positive person creators want to work with.

Compensation And Benefits

  • The Moment culture is about ownership so the more you take on the more you make. Otherwise, we keep compensation simple...

  • A competitive salary.

  • Annual profit share.

  • Equity in the company.

  • Medical insurance or $600 per month to do what you want.

  • Flexible Schedule: Work when you want, as long you finish work on time and set teammates up for success.

  • Free Moment gear & discounts on our whole store.

  • A $500 stipend per year to spend on your own equipment.

  • Three company offsites per year.

  • Unlimited vacation.

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Why Moment

Join a team of filmmakers, photographers, designers, and engineers who are passionate about empowering creators. You’ll get to work alongside a fun, talented team who pushes you to deliver your best work. Seeing what the Moment community creates along the way keeps you motivated, always pushing you to improve.

Meet the team (on LinkedIn).

How We Work

Moment is a remote team, spread across the US. We've always been remote, which means we've built a culture around how to make you successful even when we only see each other in person three times a year.

What makes our remote first culture unique...

  • Ownership - not only does everyone receive equity in the company, but we empower everyone to take on more ownership within the company. You learn how to set goals, make decisions, and build a business.
  • Transparency - you know everything about the company from our north star direction to how much cash we have in the bank. The more you know the better your decisions are.
  • Schedule Control - the only rule we have is that you attend three week long off-sites every year. Otherwise you set your own team goals, manage your own time, and hold yourself accountable to your peers.
  • Parent Friendly - we have a growing number of parents at Moment. We've learned over the years how to raise our kids and still deliver our best work.


Our compensation philosophy is unique. It's a transparent formula that pays you more (every four months) as you develop new skills. The faster you develop the more you make. Otherwise we keep compensation simple:

  • Equity in the company.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Comp review every four months.
  • Medical Insurance or $600 a month to do what you want.
  • Flexible schedule - work where and when you want.
  • Free gear and storewide discounts.
  • Annual equipment budget of $500 for your own equipment.
  • Company off-sites three times per year.
  • Unlimited vacation.